The worst punishments for women in the history

Medieval times of the dark history, an era for righteous people where humans have designed numerous harsh tortures for justice, and many terrible punishments exclusively reserved for women instead of death, have created a variety of cruel torture for women alone.

During this time, the punishments were ruthless and harsh, and there are many proofs that women are also being punished for wrongdoing and punished in a very severe way.

Types of Tortures

  • The Wooden horse
  • Ham Clamps
  • Beaten with a whip of beef tenders
  • Virgin bells
  • Chest Torture
  • Virgin Chamber
  • Judas Cradle

In the video, you will see the punishments given to women if they disobey the rules or do any injustice. These punishments were mainly for adultery and for disobeying orders.

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  • Life being a woman is not easy.

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