Piewdepie is playing the most challenging game ever!

In the video, you will see the famous Youtuber and gamer Piewdepie playing “I wanna be the guy,” which is one of the most challenging games ever made, so enjoy the gaming of Piewdiepie on how he struggles to play.

I wanna be the guy. 

I Wanna Be the Guy (IWBTG) is a freeware platform game for Microsoft Windows written by Michael “Kayin” O’Reilly using Multimedia Fusion 2. The game, first launched on October 5, 2007, is no longer under active development, though Kayin released the source code in 2011 and a remastered edition in 2020. IWBTG features exceptionally challenging platforming aspects, unconventional level design and incorporates sound effects, characters, and music from various other games.

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