My Experience With Playing Online Slot Games and What I Learned

My experience playing online slot machines is quite similar to that of other people. The first few days of playing are full of excitement and anticipation, but soon enough, the games get monotonous. Eventually, I gave up and quit playing these games, and my bank account went into a hole. So, I turned to the world of online casino slots to find out more about how the game works. The following are some tips and thoughts I have picked up during my time playing online slots.

Why I Started To Play Slot Machine Games?

I believe that I started to play, like most people, due to boredom. But not just that. Let’s think about it: in most modern online casinos, the slot machines are the easiest game to play. This is largely because the game play has no impact on your chances of winning, and all you need is one click to enjoy the game. No learning curve, just hit and play. What matters is where you play, which game to choose, and most importantly when to stop. Slot machine games have a vertical line of symbols that appear on a payline. A typical slot machine has 3-5 reels. A player can place coins on one or more of these reels. The aim is to get as close to the jackpot as possible.

How Often Did I Win When Playing?

Not even once…unfortunately. You might have wondered how frequently you can win at slot machine games, but there is an answer to this question. Specifically, hit rate refers to how frequently you win on a single spin. Some online developers list hit rates in their game’s info section. However, many slot players mistake hit rate for volatility, which is a measure of how much you can expect to win in the short term.

When you play slot machine games, you don’t have a chance to learn how to predict the payout amounts or wins. Some people I talked to, say that you start to learn this when you win, but in honesty, this is just…nonsense.

Also, let’s not forget the chances of winning and wins are not the only important thing; so are the payout levels! For example, the best way to get the best payout level is to set your maximum bet, as there are many slots that will give you the biggest prizes if you bet maximum.

My Tips To Those Who Also Play Online Slot Machine

I have a few tips for new slot machine players. First, read up on the game rules and how to play it before you start. I suggest playing in the Free Play mode to get a feel for the rules and not waste money. Also slot game rules are generally similar, but some games do have special rules. For the same reasons and to not waste money, you can also get some free credit to start with. Below a channel that gives some, in case you need.

The next tip to follow is to avoid chasing payouts. When you play slot machines, set a limit. Set a limit on the money and time you spend on them. It’s better to have a fixed limit than to go over it and miss your winnings. Try playing the minimum denomination first to get a feel for the volatility of the game. From there, you can decide if you want to play at the max or low limit.

Using free credits to not waste money

As I just mentioned, a great tip to start playing with real money and eventually get payouts, but without wasting money, is to use free credits. You may find some by searching on the web. Myself, I remember using YouTube channels such as the one below.

Good luck playing games and don’t forget: it’s fun, but know your limit. It should not become an issue, nor you should do it to chase the payouts.

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