Why worldwide popularity of hip hop keeps growing?

The genre of music that is now experiencing the greatest rapid growth in popularity is hip hop. Hip hop music is characterised by its extensive use of beats and lyrics, which frequently put an emphasis on emotions. In spite of the fact that it was one of the more recent musical subgenres to originate, hip hop is currently seeing a meteoric rise in popularity all over the world.

The reason for its immense popularity is that it is more than just music; rather, it is an expression of an individual’s unique sense of who they are. For hip-hop artists, it is not as important to be the best as it is to reveal to the world the person that they truly are. It’s about being a common man and that’s what makes hip hop the music of the common man. 

With hip hop, people are able to easily communicate their thoughts and feelings through rhythms and energies that convey their current situation and what they are going through. In addition, there’s a sense of rebellion that is strongly associated with hip hop, which boosts the genre’s already huge extent of popularity and helps to explain why it has become so widespread as well. Hip hop provides a medium through which individuals can express the emotions they are experiencing or the challenges they are facing in their lives. People are given the opportunity to communicate to the world the type of person they are and what they believe in.

It was in New York City, in particular, in the middle of the 1970s that the beginnings of hip hop were established; nevertheless, hip hop is now all over the world. People can be heard humming the upbeat beats virtually all of the time, and virtually every popular radio station plays it.  These days, hip hop denotes not only a musical genre but also an entire culture within itself. 

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