How to Add an Animated Human to Act As an NPC in Unreal Engine

You can easily add an animated human to your game by using the MetaHuman and Skeletal Mesh. These two types of mesh are very popular for creating NPCs in games. To get started, just import a MetaHuman and follow the steps in the guide to use it in your game.


In the Unreal Engine, you can add an animated human to playable characters within your game level. These characters are called “MetaHumans.” You can find guides on how to create animation blueprints, animation retargeting, and facial rigs for these characters in the Animating MetaHumans section. In this tutorial, we’ll create a MetaHuman for the character Ada, who will be a quest NPC. Her teammates are Hana, an ex-soldier, and Cooper, a mercenary.

To add a MetaHuman to your game, first, download the MetaHuman Assets. This asset pack includes basic geometry and the character controller. Once you’ve downloaded the MetaHumans, you can add them to your game with the Auto Possess Player property.

Navigation Mesh

If you’re planning to add an animated human to your game, here’s what you need to do to get it to work in Unreal. First, you need to create the character’s blueprint. Fortunately, this is fairly easy to do. Just open the blueprint of your Unreal game and look for the PlayerController class. You can then import the Makehuman character into your game.

You can also create a new MetaHuman Component. This component is in the MetaHumans folder and has a subfolder named MetaHumanName. Its blueprint name is BP_ MetaHumanName. You should make sure that the values of the component transform are correct.

Skeletal Mesh

To create an animated human character, you can create a Character Blueprint. This blueprint will define how your character will move. In your Character Blueprint, you will define the skeletal meshes and assign the necessary animations based on their motion.

Sockets are placeholders for objects that you add to your character. You can attach actors to them by placing them in the editor at the socket location. You can also attach actors to skeletal meshes that already exist at your level.

To create a skeletal mesh, first, open the Content Browser and then right-click on the Animation Blueprint asset. Select the UE4-Mannequin Skeleton asset. Then, create a new blueprint class. Select the character class and assign the skeletal mesh as an asset.

Importing a MetaHuman

You can import a MetaHuman to act as an object in your Unreal Engine game by following the steps below. The first step involves finding the MetaHuman Blueprint. This can be found by searching the Content Browser for “BP_MetaHumanName”. Once you have found the Blueprint, drag it onto the level. You should now have a MetaHuman in your scene.

MetaHumans are highly detailed digital humans that have been created by the Unreal Engine. They are fully rigged, allowing you to easily import them to your game. They are also equipped with real-time motion capture data that allows you to drive their animations. These assets are also optimized to work across multiple platforms, including mobile devices.

Animated humanoid control rig

If you are looking to create an animated humanoid character in Unreal Engine, you can download the Animated Humanoid Control Rig from Epic Games. This rig contains forward-to-solve and backward-solve sections, which make it easy to make modifications to the character. The forward solution section contains instructions for modifying the humanoid’s rig and poses.

Before the release of Control Rig, the Unreal Engine had limited animation capabilities. While it was easy to import animations, it was difficult to fine-tune them. Control Rigs make it easy to fine-tune existing animations and add new ones.

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