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It’s always nice to get away from home and go on vacation. However, if you are bringing your pet along, you may not have a choice when it comes to choosing a hotel. You are probably going to have to choose one that has a special room for pets. This can be an annoying decision for anyone, especially when you aren’t used to bringing your pets with you. Luckily, there are a few hotels that make it easy for you to stay with your furry friends.

Loews Hotels

If you’re looking for a hotel that is dog friendly, there are several options to choose from. Some hotels require reservations, and you’ll have to disclose your pet’s status before making your reservation. Others are strictly pet-friendly, allowing dogs in rooms.

Pet-friendly luxury hotels have private parks where pets can play. They also offer spa treatments and grooming services. And many of these hotels provide a doggie room service menu. In some cities, you’ll even have the opportunity to pick up a specialized gift box for your pet.

Graduate Hotels

Graduate Hotels is a hotel chain that offers pet-friendly accommodations across 30 locations. The chain was founded by Chicago-based AJ Capital Partners in 2014 and has since opened more than 20 properties in cities including Athens, Georgia, Columbia, Missouri, Charlottesville, Virginia, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Memphis.

Graduate Hotels is a pet-friendly boutique hotel chain that offers travelers and pets a unique experience. Their hotels are designed with local cultures in mind. They are located in university towns throughout the U.S. and are perfect for college students and families.

Stay Pineapple

Are you looking to book a dog-friendly hotel in San Diego? Staypineapple is a high-end boutique hotel chain with many locations that have rooms that allow pets. Known for its large, fluffy towels, Staypineapple will make your canine friend feel like the center of the universe.

There are several benefits to staying at a Staypineapple property. Your puppy will get a doggie door tag so that people will know if your furry friend is left at home. You will also be provided with a dog waste bag dispenser, a walk-friendly waste bag, and a dog bed.

Cotton Court Hotel in Lubbock

If you are looking for a pet-friendly hotel in Lubbock, Texas, there are a few different options to choose from. These hotels offer a wide range of amenities for pets, including freshly baked treats, dog walking services, and pet-sitting packages.

A few hotels allow dogs and cats to stay in the room free of charge, while others may have weight or breed restrictions. Depending on the hotel, you may be responsible for any damage to your room.

Drury Hotels

If you are considering a trip, you might want to find a pet-friendly hotel. These hotels typically allow dogs and cats to stay in their rooms. Some hotels offer dog-walking services. However, you should make sure you read the hotel’s policy before making a reservation.

Hotels can also charge a fee to accommodate pets. This fee might vary depending on the property. One hotel may charge a daily fee of $10, while others might only charge a nightly rate of $30. In addition, some hotels may have breed restrictions.


If you have a pet and are traveling, you might want to stay in a pet-friendly hotel. These hotels are designed to accommodate your pet, and they are a great way to avoid expensive boarding fees. However, some hotels have different rules and restrictions, so make sure to check before you book.

Some hotels charge a fee for pets, while others only allow certain breeds and sizes. Some hotels even require proof of flea-free pets.

Element Hotels

There are several pet-friendly hotels, but not all of them are equal. Some have weight restrictions and breed restrictions. Others have additional fees or require pre-approval. The best pet-friendly hotels are those that have consistent policies nationwide.

Almost 80% of luxury hotel chains allow pets to stay in their rooms, while some chain hotels are more dog friendly than others. For instance, Loews Hotels offers gourmet room service menus for cats and dogs.

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